13th Annual North American 3PL Summit & Chief Supply Chain Officer Forum June 16-18 2015 | Radisson Blu Aqua, Chicago
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The Most Critical Challenges Facing the Logistics Industry in 2015

Sessions are compiled through a comprehensive research program aimed at understanding the key challenges and opportunities in the industry.


3PL Summit CSCO Forum

3PL Summit Agenda

Keynote: The Retail Tidal Wave and the Impact on the 3PL Industry

In the wake of Alibaba’s incredible demonstration of the success of marketplaces, Wal-Mart’s continuing evolution and Amazon’s continuing innovation; a shift in commerce is taking place. This shift is brought about by evolutions in Technology, Globalization, and Supply Chain, and it will affect all aspects of commerce and the 3PL industry. I call this shift, A Tidal Wave.

In his groundbreaking presentation, CEO and supply chain expert Jim Tompkins answers the question many are left wondering about “Alibaba/Walmart/Amazon: What’s the big deal and how will it impact the 3PL Industry?” Tompkins will lay the groundwork for understanding the Tidal Wave and will also reveal the six key elements to “riding” the tidal wave all the way to 3PL success.

Tompkins is changing the lens for how the U.S. views the retail Tidal wave... Attendees will leave this session with a newfound understanding of role forward for 3PL’s and what they must do to ride this giant wave.

Jim Tompkins, CEO, Tompkins International

June 16th - eCommerce, Consumer Delivery and the New Logistics Economy

eCommerce and the role of the 3PL - small and low-tech vs. large, hi-tech solutions

  • Explore eCommerce fulfilment from the perspective of a 3PL - what are the advantages and disadvantages of small, large, low-tech, hi-tech eCommerce LSP solutions?
  • Debate what it takes for a 3PL to be successful at eCommerce - reverse logistics, parcel management, multichannel visibility, etc.
  • Understand the future distribution of eCommerce fulfilment - what role will urban delivery companies play vs. those of larger global 3PLs in eCommerce? how will eCommerce delivery rate changes affect the industry? How will technological advancements help solve eCommerce challenges?
  • Learn from eCommerce retailers and understand what they’re looking for from their LSP partners from visibility, collaboration to on-delivery value-added services

Urban, Suburban and Rural Delivery - Keeping pace with the consumer, and the role retail, LSPs and third parties can play in increasing market share for their customers and driving the eCommerce revolution

  • Learn about the role LSPs can play in helping their customers access more consumers in Urban, Suburban and Rural environments
  • Find out what consumers are seeking from their home deliveries and learn key ways of achieving this
  • Debate the stigmatization of ‘delivery charges’ for the consumer, and what 3PLs and their customers can do to show consumers value in paying for delivery
  • Explore innovation in eCommerce - how retailers and LSPs alike are working to gain market share - click + collect, 2 hour delivery, collection lockers, shared-loads, etc.

The dawn of a new logistics economy? - how crowdsourcing, the shared economy and tech-start-ups are set to challenge the established logistics industry

  • Hear from 3 innovators using the shared economy, crowdsourcing and technology to change the way logistics is done. Hear as Uber, uShip and Flexe explain their business models, and challenge traditional logistics
  • Explore different business models in logistics, and determine where profitability lies, and how these models are shifting given current industry environments
  • Debate how technology, the shared economy and crowdsourcing can play a role in transforming global 3PLs, claw back commoditization, and create fertile ground for new innovation within the business
  • Learn how crowdsourcing, the shared economy and tech-enabled start-ups are helping change the relationship between retailers and logistics providers through integration, demand-driven services, dynamic pricing, cut costs, etc.

Parcel and small package delivery - where is the market headed and what can LSPs gain from this marketplace?

  • As more and more logistics providers look to gain a piece of small package delivery, find out what’s making some providers stand apart, and what customers are looking for when it comes to handling their small parcels
  • Explore the 150lb + last mile delivery sector - what can companies do to improve this area of delivery, including the in-home experience and managing returns and repairs
  • Discuss the maintenance of margins in this space, and look at packaging, delivery mechanisms and pricing to learn how to take control over diminishing returns

Speakers (this includes all presenters, panellists etc.)

  • John Costanzo, President, Purolator (speaking June 18th)
  • Chris Taylor, GM Chicago, Uber
  • Steve Howard, President, Esquire Express, Inc. / Esquire Logistics Company
  • Chuck Moyer, CEO, Express Courier, Inc.
  • Tom Jowers, Vice President and COO, ADL Delivery
  • Jeff Thomas, President & CEO, Priority Logistics
  • Mike Stark, COO, Home Delivery Link
  • Karl Siebrecht, CEO, FLEXE
  • Marcelo Wesseker, CEO, Singapore Post eCommerce
  • Onur Uranli, 3PL Business Director, Sealed Air

June 17th-18th Technology - Threat, Disruptor and Differentiator to the Logistics Industry

Tech-driven LSPs vs. established LSPs - how smaller, more nimble, tech enabled LSPs are challenging the establishment for industry supremacy

  • Hear from new, asset-light, technology driven logistics providers on their success, what their customers saw in them, and how they see their role in the industry developing
  • Debate the threat of tech-driven LSPs on traditional industry providers
  • Find out whether traditional logistics providers need to adopt a more tech-savvy approach to continue to compete
  • Discuss the future of tech-enablement, what does the future have in store? and how far can tech go to resolve critical logistics challenges?

Can wearable technology truly change the logistics landscape?

  • From visibility to picking and packing, can augmented reality truly benefit logistics companies, manufacturers and retailers alike?
  • How can wearable technology help improve driver safety?
  • Hear from logistics companies currently trialling augmented reality in their warehouses - find out why they chose to pursue this cutting-edge technology, what their experience has been and where they see it headed

IoT and M2M - from visibility to fulfilment, how it can change the world of logistics

  • What is M2M and the Internet of Things? Learn about the potential behind M2M and IoT - how they can tackle key challenges in logistics ranging from visibility and security to track and trace and beyond towards automatic stock reporting, parts replacement, etc.
  • Uncover the strategic aspect of M2M - is it something customers are going to be demanding? What do you need to know about this technology to stay with the competition?
  • Hear a case study on the successful implementation of an M2M/IoT system, learn about what this system is achieving for the company, and how this is playing into their overarching strategy.

Driverless vehicles  - the end of the driver shortage?

  • Driverless vehicles are currently being trialled and are legal/being debated in courts around the country. What does this mean for the logistics business?
  • Find out how soon driverless vehicles might be a reality - will they be in time to solve the driver shortage?
  • Debate the major challenges posed by the role-out of driverless vehicles - regulations? cost? accountability? on-delivery service? signature verification?

Future tech updated - a year later, how have drones and 3D printing evolved?

  • A year on, how have some of the technologies we’ve explored evolved?
  • Has drone delivery gotten off the ground? Have business models been refined to harness this technology?
  • Where has 3D Printing come since the majority of 3PL audience-members declared it was going to be a disruptor to the industry?

Speakers (this includes all presenters, panellists etc.)

  • Robby Nathan, CEO, Load Delivered
  • Jett McCandless, CEO, Carrier Direct
  • Chris O'Brien, CCO, C.H. Robinson
  • Tom Madine, CEO, Worldwide Express
  • Rick Jordan, SVP Logistics, Panalpina
  • Katrin Zeiler, Senior Project Manager, Trend Research, DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation

June 17th-18th Survival, Growth and Leadership in the Small to Mid-sized Logistics Community

The Logistics Service Provider Mid-Market Community

  • Join 1 carrier, 1 shipper and 1 3PL in the ‘mid-market’ range to discuss the state of the mid-market community.
  • What is the role of mid-market players in the logistics industry today? what are mid-market shippers looking for? What are mid-market 3PLs able to provide? What are mid-market carriers able to achieve?
  • Debate the challenges and opportunities mid-market companies are facing against in terms of being able to provide tech-drive solutions, being nimble and responsive to market changes, the requirement of less and less overhead to achieve success

Driving growth in mid-sized logistics companies

  • Join 1 asset-based, 1 non-asset based, 1 warehousing and distribution, 1 last mile delivery company to discuss growth in the mid-sized market.
  • Find out where these companies are driving organic growth, what type of innovation and strategies they’re able to use to compete with bigger players in the industry
  • Explore the potentials behind inorganic growth - turning a mid-sized company into a bigger player on the market, or exploring opportunities with private equity, acquisition from leading companies and mergers with mid-market peers, what’s the right course of action?

Speakers (this includes presenters, panellists etc.)

  • Nikhil Sathe, CFO, Genpro
  • Allocations still pending

June 17th-18th Finance and Consolidation in the Logistics Ecosystem

The changing consolidation landscape of the logistics industry

  • Get updated on the latest changes in the logistics industry as it consolidates. Find out from some of the major movers and shakers on their moves, motivations, and perspective on future inorganic growth
  • The Private Equity perspective - understand the motivations and objectives of PE, what PE can do for your logistics company, and how they’re playing a role in the changing landscape of the industry
  • The Strategic Buyers Perspective - from expanding service offerings to inorganic growth, finding out what strategic buyers are looking for beyond 2015
  • Growth winners - hear from some of the organic-growth driven winners of 2014, and find out how they’ve achieved this growth, and what it means for logistics as a marketplace

The 2015-2016 Financial Landscape - Market perspective, and the state of finance in the coming year

  • Gain insight into the 2015-2016 North American and Global economy
  • Which direction are interest rates going?
  • Which markets are showing growth potential?
  • Is economic growth likely to continue beyond the next year?
  • Gartner presents its Magic Quadrant broken down into Global, North America, Europe and Asia - gain a complete picture of the global 3PL industry and understand what European and Asian 3PLs are achieving, and what they mean for North America

What drives 3PL Company valuation?

  • Hear from the buyers and sellers on what drives 3PL company valuation
  • Learn about value creation in your own organization and find-out what you can do to position your company positively in the eyes of the market

Speakers (this includes all presenters, panellists etc.)

  • Ben Gordon, MD, BGSA
  • Doug Waggoner, CEO, Echo Global Logistics
  • Bradly Jacobs, CEO, XPO
  • Hervé Montjotin, CEO, Norbert Dentressangle
  • Scott Temple, President Contract Logistics, Norbert Dentressangle
  • Greg Aimi, Research Director, Gartner

June 17th-18th How do you Market a Logistics Service Provider in a Commoditized Reality?

Reimagining the Logistics Marketing  strategy

  • Debate marketing budget allocations - how can you ensure you’re reaching where your customers are vs. where you hope them to be?
  • Are your services truly different from those of your competitors? Discuss differentiation and explore how to truly make your organization come across differently to customers
  • Aren’t all logistics companies the same? If we can accept that the industry is commoditized, where is growth going to come from? How far will consolidation go?

Turnaround Management: Creating a culture of innovation within a logistics organization

  • Explore the idea of ‘innovation’ and learn how to drive ideas within your organization including the merit of healthy competition, open workplaces and spotting talent
  • Look at instances of innovation in logistics, and find out from the innovators themselves on their process and inspiration
  • Learn from out-of-industry innovators on creating ideas, and gain inspiration as they provide you with the tools necessary to spark your organization

Social Media and Managing the Logistics Conversation

  • As social media moves from something younger people use to a business tool, understand its role in business and how it can help you with your brand
  • Find out how social media can help you gain exposure in the logistics community and drive visibility for your brand
  • Debate the merits of social media for business decisions, controlling your brand image and driving customers your way

Speakers (this includes presenters, panellists etc.)

  • Bobby Harris, CEO, BlueGrace Logistics
  • Judy McReynolds, CEO, ARC Best
  • James Welch, CEO, YRCW
  • Tom Sanderson, CEO, Transplace
  • Stephen Fraser, MD, Barrington Capital Partners
  • Tom Escott, President, President, Hudson Logistics

June 17th-18th The Customer - Improving Engagement, Honing the Relationship and Understanding ‘VAS’

Logistics are commoditized, so what next? The quest for real VAS and drivers for growth

  • Explore the concept of value added services including new ideas, how to implement them, and how to gain differentiation through them
  • Debate the benefits of providing new services vs. adding VAS to existing services. Question the benefits of adding more free services to existing services for the sole purpose of attracting more customers at even smaller margins
  • On the warehousing front, find out what investments are actually resulting in revenue and growth as ARC advisory services present their research findings

Customer case-studies

  • Exclusive case-studies will be presented outlining different types of 3PL-customer relationships, demonstrating how cutting-edge 3PLs are achieving success through driving positive relationships with their customers
  • Expeditors and Oracle discuss their relationship, and the thinking behind the one-LSP strategy

Vertically integrated manufacturers and retailers and their impact on logistics as a service

  • Debate the role large manufacturers and retailers are playing by entering the logistics business themselves - healthy competition? or existential threat to the logistics industry?
  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of in-house or proprietary logistics providers, and establish whether this is the exception on the trend
  • Hear from a retailer with its own fleet on why they entered the logistics business and why LSPs couldn’t compete with in-house logistics

Speakers (this includes presenters, panellists etc.)

  • Jose Ubeda, SVP, Expeditors
  • Kurt Doelling, VP SC, Oracle
  • Steve Banker, Director, ARC Advisory Services
  • John Carr, CEO, MIQ Logistics

June 17th-18th Women in Logistics - From Conversation to Action

  • Establishing clear steps key players in the industry can implement to attract more women to its shores
  • Logistics lean-in moments - a guide for getting younger women to enter the business earlier in their careers
  • Women leaders in logistics share their insight into their journey into logistics, and how they’re aiming to shape access to the industry for more women

Speakers (this includes presenters, panellists etc.)

  • Sheila Hewitt, VP International, Transplace
  • Kelli Saunders, CEO, Morai Logistics
  • Michele Carroll, CEO, Carrollco Marketing

‘Problem-solving’ segments -

  • Commoditization
  • Talent shortage
  • Technology-driven 3PLs
  • Capacity shortage/Driver shortage
  • New Markets

Each of the above topic areas will feature a case-study spelling out the practical methods for tackling each.

Rather than dwelling on each as a challenge or opportunity, the aim of each case-study is to demonstrate at least one practical method of succeeding in each area.

3PL Summit CSCO Forum


June 17th-18th CSCO Forum Agenda

Supply Chain Excellence in the Digital Age: merging the "science" of supply chain technology with the "art" of process and people leadership

Running a successful Supply Chain requires focus on the traditional outcomes of product availability, inventory productivity and cost productivity. As customer demands shift and industries evolve, Supply Chain leaders must also adapt and broaden their focus to look both inward to their people and outward to their customers.

In light of this, we created our Walgreens Supply Chain vision, to become the number one patient and customer driven supply chain in the world through segmentation and agility. To achieve that, we're transforming to an omni-channel supply chain: giving customers and patients what they want, when and how they want it. Every day, understanding our customers and uncovering our peoples' potential are helping us achieve our vision. In this session, participants will hear how Supply Chain can push past traditional boundaries and forge new partnerships to unlock supply chain excellence.

Reuben Slone, SVP Supply Chain, Walgreens

Change Management - how to transition your people and processes to ensure your company is ready to adopt the tools needed to remain competitive

  • Understand when it's time to change; what the likely market signs are from a people, process and technology perspective; the problems typically encountered; and the best ways to solve them
  • Learn how  to encourage buy-in from your employees - ensuring alignment of employees along change goals
  • Technology is set to change the way your supply chain operates. With talk of drones, robots and 3D printing, just how is the human element of your supply chain going need to change?

Rich Sherman, CEO, Gold & Domas Research

The 2015 Chief Supply Chain Officer Forum aims to help the Supply Chain Professional Succeed Now to realize the Supply Chain of Tomorrow.

Supply chain now is faced with many areas of opportunity given advancements in technology, consumer demand and business models. But companies still need to make sure that they're doing the essentials well before they're able to take steps towards these opportunities. With this thinking,  the bulk of the agenda is set up in pairs exploring one forward-looking topic with one traditional topic, aiding you to get from the now to the new.

Pair One

  • The 'New' eCommerce - immediacy of delivery as a business model disrupter
  • A Segmented Supply Chain - boosting customer service levels and profitability through effective channel customization

The new immediacy of delivery demanded by consumers today is changing the face of eCommerce retailing and delivery. To get there, you need to make sure that you are segmenting your product offering in the best way possible - by product type or by customer

This coupled session will explore new eCommerce drivers like last mile delivery, click and collect and the sharing economy and will also explore the best way that you can segment your supply chain - a 'must have' before you can tackle omni-channel

The 'New' eCommerce - immediacy of delivery as a business model disrupter

Online shoppers in the U.S. are expected to generate sales of $327 billion by 2016. With so much potential revenue coming from these consumers, doesn't it make sense to lead a customer-driven omni-channel supply chain strategy?

This session will detail how to:

  • Start viewing ecommerce as the competitive disruptor that it could be for your business, as opposed to purely another 'must-do' another sales channel
  • Explore the future of omni-channel supply and delivery, different payment platforms and the impact of Bitcoin, mCommerce and the sharing economy in order to begin thinking from the point of view of the end customer
  • Get the most out of your last-mile delivery network strategy, optimizing routes and partnerships to create the omni-channel solution that customers demand and truly set yourself apart from the competition
  • Explore omni-channel from a cross-platform point of view with relation to visibility and returns and work out the best way to re-imagine your omni-channel supply chain

A Segmented Supply Chain - boosting customer service levels and profitability through effective channel customization

During this session, understand the best way for your company to segment its supply chain, the means of doing so and explore the gains it could deliver to your bottom line

  • Identify the criteria you should base your segmentation on:  (product characteristics, market characteristics, customer service drivers, supplier availability, risk assessment, financial performance) and how this plays into eCommerce and new ways of selling products
  • Explore the key steps and metrics  that you should be taking and mapping in order to effectively segment your supply chain
  • Apply segmentation strategies to inventory policies for huge cost savings - evaluate which inventories to carry, where, in what form, and in what quantities 
  • Understand how to effectively analyse and map your supply chains based on multiple end-to-end metrics such as:
    • Cost to serve
    • Expected service levels
    • Manufacturing & final delivery locations

Scott Spata, VP Direct Fulfillment, Home Depot
Jim Hourigan, COO, BuildDirect
Tom Craig, President , LTD Management

Pair Two

  • CSR and Supply Chain Sustainability -  turning CSR into a profitable opportunity
  • Supplier Risk Management - Achieving the Balance between 'Fat Trimming' and Managing Supply Chain Risk

This session will explore the importance of a watertight CSR agenda on your company's profitability and brand respect. It will also explore the importance of supplier risk management, sharing tips on how to ensure that a thinking of sustainability is bred right through your company to your customer and your customer's customers.

CSR and Supply Chain Sustainability -  turning CSR into a profitable opportunity

  • Factors such as the growth of the global population, carbon taxation, shortages of natural resources  and mineral fuels mean that a sustainability agenda is no longer a 'nice to have' -  it's a necessity. But how do you go about it? Hear from supply chain leaders on what they've done at their company in order to promote sustainable thinking and embed it in their culture
  • Explore the growing importance of a sustainable and responsible supply chain management strategy - not purely as an addition to your business, but as a core component of it. Hear how to turn sustainable thinking into a  business strategy  -  satisfy governments and consumers as well as improving profitability
  • Work out how to on-board suppliers with sustainability programs and embed it right though procurement into your whole supply chain. Hear strategies on overcoming the difficulty of aligning your core values with suppliers in order to create an end-to-end ethical supply chain
  • Explore the viability of horizontal collaboration update in the North American market. Understand how building collaborative logistics networks and clusters can aid you in setting up a profitable, repeatable and scalable business

Supplier Risk Management - Achieving the Balance between 'Fat Trimming' and Managing Supply Chain Risk

  • Explore risk management in terms or both managing suppliers and ensuring that you have a robust risk management strategy in place to cope with external disasters. As increased outsourcing processes  leave you exposed to more risk,  eexplore how to weigh up a supplier-light supply chain with risk management, creating an anticipatory supply chain
  • Build stronger extended value chain relationships with your suppliers in order to mitigate supply chain risk - learn why the leading supply chain professionals build personal relationships with suppliers to enhance service and boost agility throughout the entire value chain. Understand how these leaders have been able to truly change the business practice of their suppliers by starting with a relationship
  • Evaluate your sourcing strategy -look at single sourcing vs. clustering of specialist suppliers, local vs. global and multisourcing. Review cost effective ways of sourcing globally vs. locally - examining exchange rate and risk for a smart sourcing strategy
  • Map a supplier recovery strategy - determine how best to reallocate inventory and obtain alternatives and predict financial impact should you encounter supply shortage due to quality issues or supplier bankruptcy
  • Explore new supplier mapping techniques, ensuring that you track and gather the right information such as manufacturing facility locations of suppliers and their suppliers, disruptions, labor strikes and quality issues

Neil Swartz, VP and GM Parts Operations, Toyota North America
Paul F Nehlen III, SVP Operations, Neptune Benson
Sven Verstrepen, Business Development Director & Founding Partner, TRI-VIZOR

Pair Three

  • Intelligent Analytics - How To Drive Ongoing Business Value
  • S&OP - latest innovations, with a renewed focus on demand planning

This session will explore the future of intelligent analytics towards making gains in supply chain efficiency,  maximizing productivity through big data and taking advantage of this game-changing phenomenon for competitive advantage. It will also explore the importance of setting up a robust S&OP strategy

Intelligent Analytics - How To Drive Ongoing Business Value

This session will focus on specific building block enhancements used in today's supply chain related processes (e.g. S&OP, demand planning, etc.) and will then move to the applied use of intelligent analytics to drive sustained business value.  This will be followed by a panel discussion with Executives of well-known companies who will provide insights with regard to the lessons they have learned in their use of intelligent analytics.


  • Fundamental building blocks - now vs. future
  • Keys To Achieving Meaningful Success
  • Intelligent Analytics Overview - Hype vs. Reality              
  • Applied Applications - Successes and Failures   

S&OP - latest innovations, with a renewed focus on demand planning

  • S&OP is the never-ending discussion for supply chain. It's been around for years, but what's new and why are companies not succeeding? What are the real gains that have been made recently?
  • In this session, discuss the tangible benefits that you have seen from your supply chain planning processes, evaluate what you're still struggling with  - and pick up a few valuable tips - and decipher how you can continue to make better decisions with a working and robust S&OP process
  • Shift your S&OP strategy to incorporate a  renewed focus on demand sensing and move into the next generation of forecasting  -  provide the agility to capture growth by responding to unexpected sales opportunities, free cash flow by cutting inventory and lower cost to serve
  • Learn tried & tested tips to sync your internal organizations with your S&OP structure - how to better communicate cross functionally with production, procurement, sales and finance. Explore the frequency of meetings discussing S&OP processes - is once a month sufficient?  What's the role of corporate management in supply chain planning projects - should your CEO be fully engaged?

Gautam Grover, VP, Logistics Services, US Foods
Chris Smith, Director Device Supply Chain, US Cellular
Richard Sharpe, CEO, Competitive Insights

Pair Four

  • IOT - the future of connected devices and how the internet of things will change the face of visibility
  • Visibility - safeguarding operations, gaining competitive advantage and a new era of clarity and profitability

This session will explore the potential gains that the internet of things and M2M could have on your supply chain, while balancing those potential gains with making sure that your current visibility capabilities are up to scratch

IOT - the future of connected devices and how the internet of things will change the face of visibility

  • Harness the increased connectivity of devices brought about by the internet of things to enable you to be more connected to your products - gain the competitive advantage that IOT can bring to your visibility capabilities, by being able to track a product right from manufacturer to retailer and even to the consumer
  • Learn the potential uses of the internet of things - from being able to solve product issues in a more time-efficient manner, to being able to more accurately manage inventory and therefore improve customer service levels
  • Understand the true nature of the internet of things and the wealth of data that you will be able to access and use such as weather conditions and data garnered from your driver right through to gaining real insight into how a customer uses a product

Visibility - safeguarding operations, gaining competitive advantage and a new era of clarity and profitability

  • What's the next level for visibility tools & technologies? In this session, learn how others have leveraged technology and process developments to improve visibility in their supply chain. How big have your cost savings been?
  • Hear how to offset challenges such as rising customer service requirements, increased logistics costs, and increased supply chain risk with a watertight visibility strategy designed to safeguard your operation  - how have your peers tackled this?
  • Overcome the obstacles put in place by lack of trust with partners - hear from peers who have successfully shared data in order to increase visibility, gain a vested relationship, improve efficiency and build an information-enriched supply chain
  • Learn how to make more accurate decisions, reduce uncertainty and the need for safety stock and drive overall profitability by improving the efficiency of your visibility strategy

Viju Menon, SVP Supply Chain, Verizon
Nancy Marino, Partner, Columbus Consulting

Re-thinking the norm of Logistics Partnerships - exploring the latest in vested outsourcing

This session will bring both sides of the 3PL Summit and CSCO Forum together, exploring how both sides of the industry can collaborate on logistics outsourcing relationships

  • Hear how you can create advanced business relationships with your Tier 1 strategic logistics suppliers, through the move from traditional supplier relationship management to highly collaborative relationships
  • As shippers face tough times in managing transportation cost in current climates, explore what can be done from a tools and technologies standpoint to minimize your spend. What are the latest and best tools on the market?
  • Might competitive threats in the form of commoditization facing both 3PLs and shippers affect the way that these parties work together in the future? Explore what can be done from a collaborative standpoint to transform the way shippers and 3PLs operate
  • Hear shared presentations by both 3PLs and shippers looking into the challenges and successes they've experienced in fostering successful logistics-customer relationships

Emmanuel Cambresy, Global Supplier Performance & Innovation Manager, Novartis
Joel Glende, Category Manager, Abbott Strategic Sourcing, Abbott Laboratories

Supply Chain & You - career paths, talent management and rising up the ranks

  • Gain insights into how you can accelerate your professional growth with insight from those who have climbed the supply chain ranks
  • What does it take to be a supply chain leader? Explore the key capabilities and attributes that supply chain leaders possess and discuss how to harness them on a personal, team and company level

Then, in this interactive session,  discuss in groups:

  • How much does your company really value supply chain management & you?
  • What are the supply chain director's responsibilities and is the influence in corporate strategy?
  • What skills do supply chain professionals require now and in the future?
  • What are the rewards and recognitions for the supply chain professional?
  • In which industries are supply chain professionals better rewarded more influential?
  • Are you better off staying within your industry or moving away from it in order to progress up the career ladder?
  • Should marrying the roles of IT and supply chain be the new normal? Explore the relationship between supply chain and IT for application support, development and deployment

Social Media & Marketing the Supply chain - harnessing the power of social media for your supply chain brand

  • As social media moves from something younger people use to a business tool, understand its role in business and how it can help you with your brand
  • Find out how social media literacy can help you gain exposure in the supply chain community, drive visibility for your brand and set you apart on a personal leadership level
  • Debate the merits of social media for business decisions, controlling your brand image and driving customers your way

3PL Summit CSCO Forum

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